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    Do you know the work of MARK CONNERY?

    Mark Connery is a Toronto artist and cartoonist whose strange little pieces frequently appear in the 4PANEL experimental comics showcase. We're pleased to let you know about Might Match The Couch, an exhibition of new paintings and collages opening this month at Weird Things (998 Bathurst St, Toronto) on Thu Nov 14, 7-10pm. The exhibition runs from Nov 14 - Dec 11, 2013. Also on ...

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    Sneak peek at CAROUSEL 32

    The next issue of CAROUSEL (featuring a cover image by Sara Angelucci) will be in stores for the first week of December, 2013. An 80 page bi-annual hybrid literary/arts magazine representing new and established Canadian artists (with a selection of international contributors), CAROUSEL highlights a comfortable merging of textual and visual content, presenting work across many genres … if it is original ...

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    See you at CANZINE 2013!

    On Sun Oct 20 CAROUSEL will be participating in Canzine Toronto, Canada’s largest festival of zine culture and independent arts, hosted by Broken Pencil Magazine. Canzine is a prime opportunity to mingle with talented writers, artists, publishers and performers from across North America and search out new local (and non-local) gems; it features hundreds of zines, small presses, comics and more. 918 ...

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    The Tintype Studio

    The Tintype Studio revisits a historical photographic tradition, creating a unique image on a metal surface. Conceptualized in the summer of 2010, four friends, while on a camping trip in Northern Ontario, decided they wanted to work together through the craft of the wet plate collodian process.   Work Oct 01 - Nov 02, 2013 @ Toronto Image Works  (80 Spadina Ave) Work ...

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    ‘More Than Two (Let It Make Itself)’ — at The Power Plant

    This massive show opens at The Power Plant, Toronto, on Friday Sept 20th! AND our very own Managing Editor Mark Laliberte has work in it, check it out. : : : : ...

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    2013 The Word On The Street Toronto Festival!

    CAROUSEL magazine will be present at The Word on the Street Toronto Festival (Queen’s Park) this Sunday September 22 from 11am-6pm — we’d love it if you stopped by! We’ll be located at booth MM1 (in the Magazine Mews section, east side of the park) What will be offering? - select back issues (for the amazing price of $5 each) will allow you ...

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    ZINE DREAM 6 (Aug 02-04, 2013 / Toronto)

    The 6th Annual Zine Dream Small Press Fair: a weekend long celebration of self-publishing in Toronto! Fri Aug 02, 7pm: Nieves Zine Library (founded by Benjamin Sommerhalder in 2001 in Zurich) and Innen (an independent publisher founded by Hungarian graphic designer Aaron Fabian in 2006)  at Art Metropole (1490 Dundas St W): a full retrospective of the Nieves Zine Library alongside a ...

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    Mark Laliberte launches ANGRY BLACK BANG

    Angry Black Bang — Toronto Book Launch! Sat Jul 27, 12-2pm @ 99 Gallery (99 Sudbury St) Held in association with THE NOISE PROJECT, come out to the afternoon launch of CAROUSEL managing editor's new artist book Angry Black Bang, a 28pg risograph book where graphic design, sound poetry and experimental comics are jaggedly blended into a new hybrid literary form. In ...

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    Marc Ngui’s ‘A Thousand Plateaus’ drawing project

    4PANEL artist Marc Ngui has resumed work on his 'A Thousand Plateaus' drawing project, a methodical interpretation of A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schzophrenia by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus: Drawings is a newly launched Tumblr blog where the artist rolls a number of interests (philosophy, science, comics, visual language, diagrams) into an extended sequence of minimal illustrations. Starting with ...

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    July is International Zine Month

    International Zine Month is an annual celebration of zines, self publishing and small press culture that happens throughout the month of July … what cool little things are YOU planning to make this month? : : : : Join the Facebook Group: here : : : : Follow IZM posts on Twitter using: #izm2013 ...

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    Do you know the work of verwho?? verwho? (aka Katherine Verhoeven) is a Toronto-based comic artist and illustrator who is part of the zine collective Friendship Edition; her first 4PANEL strip, 'From One'  just debuted at We recommend you check out her zine Dangerous Cooking (21 pages, half-letter, b/w), a sexy story of love, cheating, and foods that burn! :::::::::: More ...

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    French artist ORLAN (who we featured/interviewed way back in CAROUSEL 24) is suing Lady Gaga (and the French subsidiary of Universal Music) for plagiarism in a Paris court. In the lawsuit, the artist accuses the singer of stealing from her to construct the visual universe of her third album, Born This Way — ORLAN works cited to have been plagiarized include: Bump-Load (2009), a sculpture ...

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    Sever Press

    At this year's TCAF, we sat next to the Sab and Emily, two cool Torontonians who recently started up SEVER PRESS; they make interesting small-run zines, prints and tees … Want to check out their stuff? We recommend starting with Black Tooth 01, an ongoing, artist-book comic collaborative between Kelly Kwang and Sab Meynert — it's a 16 page zine risographed in ...

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    CAROUSEL 31 — in stores now!

    New poetry, fiction and visual pieces by Bora Baskan, Kathleen Brown, Colin Brush, Louise Carson, Ryan J. Cox, Dani Crosby, Happy Sleepy, Drazen Kozjan, Lance Nizami, Daniel Rouse, Luke Siemens, Studio Bertjan Pot, Jane Spavold Tims, Terry Towbridge and Catriona Wright. Special Features: - Souther Salazar cover and feature - Andreas Scheiger ‘Evolution of Type’ profile - Guernica Editions ‘First Poets Series’ ...

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    Souther Salazar exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

    Souther Salazar Souvenirs May 18 – Jun 15, 2013 @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery (529 W 20th St #9  New York, NY 10011) Portland-based artist Souther Salazar (who is prominently featured in our new issue, CAROUSEL 31) is currently exhibiting Souvenirs, a series of new paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations at Jonathan LeVine Gallery — his fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. Works in ...

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