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    From the Archive: Ruth Martin (CAROUSEL 34)

    RUTH MARTIN 3 Works 3 Worksappeared in CAROUSEL 34 (2015) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Kim Fu (CAROUSEL 34)

    KIM FU Lifecycle of the Mole-Woman: Infancy as a Human I’ve seen this waist-high grassand weeping tree before, in a drugstore frameand a Bollywood movie, the trunk a pivot pointfor coquettish hide and seek. On the coverof Vanity Fair it had a swing,just two ropes and a plank, a girl levitatingon the tip of her coccyx. Poofy virginalwhite dress, elegant lipstick slash, ...

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    From the Archive: jp Rodriguez (CAROUSEL 34)

    JP RODRIGUEZ The Heavens “Can’t believe you can stand a basement apartment,” I say to Rob, growing damn tired of waiting for Scott to make his word. Rob just murmurs away to his iEyes, either not hearing me, or hearing me but ignoring me. No. I’m sorry. I’m misrepresenting. I guess I didn’t say it at speaking volume. I must have murmured ...

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    From the Archive: Chip Kidd ‘Gasp! You Did It!’ Interview (CAROUSEL 33)

    Chip Kidd is a man of many talents, with an insider’s perspective on pop culture. Universally recognized as an American master of contemporary book design — USA Today once described him as “the closest thing to a rock star” in the graphic design world — his iconic covers offer an inventive marriage of type and found images. In addition, Kidd’s work as ...

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    From the Archive: Bess Winter (CAROUSEL 33)

    BESS WINTER Daguerreotypes 1/ Hidden Mother A slight mother could be disguised as a swaddling blanket or a bassinet. A larger mother was an overstuffed chair, a settee, an imposing piece of furniture. Careless practitioners might toss a rug over the mother, barely cloaking her shape. Ill-disguised mothers looked like bodies smuggled in the night. But such mistakes were for amateurs. Sargent ...

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    From the Archive: Miguel Leal (CAROUSEL 33)

    MIGUEL LEAL Mad Faces Mad Facesappeared in CAROUSEL 33 (2014) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Matthew Walsh (CAROUSEL 33)

    MATTHEW WALSH Scenes of a Sunday Dinner on Musquodobit Road They got the meat and pataytas, so all’s right wit the world.Even them cans a vegetables are smilin’. Father’s comin’ upfrom the harbour, he was wit the boys steamin’ them laubsters in the microwave on the backa Reed’s truck. Salt water sweetens em just fine.That rural rum went to his eyes, right ...

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    From the Archive: W.A. Davison (CAROUSEL 33)

    W.A. DAVISON Untitled Calcollages Untitled Calcollagesappeared in CAROUSEL 33 (2014) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Nyla Matuk (CAROUSEL 33)

    NYLA MATUK On Distance and Heartbreak Gift of grey from Man Ray,my heart was the shape of Australia.If p, then q. Incalculably wide marginalia.Plain, upside, down under, safe as houses. I didn’t trust the data accounts,the ville fourmillante’s thousand mounts.And that old dissonant airbus in the distance.It smarted like a barrier reef of a wound. On Distance and Heartbreakappeared in CAROUSEL 33 ...

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    From the Archive: Sara Angelucci ‘Aviary’ (CAROUSEL 32)

    Extinction. Such an outrageous word, and made common thanks to that Darwin fellow and his incredible theories. The word has the connotation of chances irrevocably gone. But the utter demise of the pigeons is an impossibility. Not even man could destroy such a quantity. Nothing has an utter end — not the pigeons, and certainly not the human soul, which continues on ...

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    From the Archive: Aaron S. Moran ‘The Rebuilder’ Interview (CAROUSEL 32)

    Through his multi-dimensional assemblages, artist Aaron S. Moran attempts to represent the rapidly changing context of Langley, British Columbia — his once rural hometown, now a growing community 50km east of Vancouver. For Moran, this setting is foundational to his practice and is the primary source for gathering inspiration, ideas and materials for his chosen medium. He amalgamates and re-appropriates bits and ...

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    From the Archive: Michael Prior (CAROUSEL 32)

    MICHAEL PRIOR Everything looking different, the night’s time took me so I wandered a twisting a dive, the bends transforming me,embolisms like diamonds hanging in darkness,tissue turning grey, then clear, then fracturedwith streams of white — the wings of a fly,six legs perched upon warm skinlistening to the decompressionof meaning, unfurling iridescentin my hand. Everything looking different, the night’s time took meappeared ...

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    From the Archive: William Joel Davenport (CAROUSEL 32)

    WILLIAM JOEL DAVENPORT 5 Graphic Artifacts 5 Graphic Artifactsappeared in CAROUSEL 32 (2014) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Natalie Morrill (CAROUSEL 32)

    NATALIE MORRILL Mrs. Fannie Winthrop, upon discovering that her husband is an octopus But she decides she mustn’t let him thinkit puts her off. She won’t throw the coversoff the thing, won’t draw undue attention, she,to his way of slithering gellish out their front doorMonday to Friday, radio twittering, him wavinghis hat — “Nice day, Fannie”: his gripslicked rope, the hat a ...

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    From the Archive: Nadine Maher (CAROUSEL 32)

    NADINE MAHER ∞ in Orange and Blue (2011) ∞ in Orange and Blueappeared in CAROUSEL 32 (2014) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Cassidy McFadzean (CAROUSEL 32)

    CASSIDY MCFADZEAN The Living Skies Struck Us Dead Most of this is coffee and metaphors,and mornings waking up in the dark.When lightning hit the gable,it shook our bed, made the radioshort out, left our fingers tingling,and when I asked you to touch my skinI almost thought I’d see sparks,almost thought we’d both be singed. But others felt it too, the dark cloudabove ...

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    USEREVIEW 009: Classified & Personal

    As readers and writers, we are often in a continual process of losing and finding the words we seek. In this experimental review, Emily Woodworth brings this metaphor to life by incisively reenvisioning Lidia Yuknavitch’s lyrical memoir The Chronology of Water (Hawthorne Books, 2011) as a series of classified ads, where the most deeply personal words are publicly sought and sold, lost ...

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    USEREVIEW 008: Reverse Juggling

    In six stanzas as flat-topped and flavour-concentrated as the fruit from which Lily Wang’s Saturn Peach (Gordon Hill Press, 2020) takes its name, Erica McKeen juggles, tosses and pries open flesh to get to the stone heart of the book. ISBN 978-1774220115 | 86 pp | $20 CAD #CAROUSELreviews “Droplet on a / green stalk—going up?” A line from Lily Wang’s poem, ...

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    USEREVIEW 007: Do You Want to Dream Without Falling Asleep?

    Bodies are ever-shifting in Lily Wang’s Saturn Peach (Gordon Hill Press, 2020). At times they assume forms sweet as peaches, at others they take shapes treacherous as caves. In this traditional review, Manahil Bandukwala acts as skillful psychopomp, guiding the uninitiated through the blurry waters of reality and dreams that make up Wang’s debut poetry collection. ISBN 978-1774220115 | 86 pp | ...

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    From the Archive: Souther Salazar ‘We Will Go Where the Wind Blows’ (CAROUSEL 31)

    California-based Souther Salazar is a mixed media artist and zine dreamer whose varied projects combine the narrative aspect of children’s book illustration with a richly developed fine art sensibility. His increasingly complex artworks transport the viewer into a magical, vibrant world that is as heartwarming as it is visually striking. Souther Salazar was born in 1978 in Hayward, CA. As a teenager, ...

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