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    From the Archive: D.N. Simmers (CAROUSEL 15)

    D.N. SIMMERS Letting an Umbrella Open Into the Wind                                     I let                                                                 an ...

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    From the Archive: Wendy Lu (CAROUSEL 15)

    WENDY LU Untitled Untitled appears in CAROUSEL 15 — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Sorouja Moll (CAROUSEL 15)

    SOROUJA MOLL Office Corner Office Corner appears in CAROUSEL 15 — buy it here ...

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    A Queer Lit Reading List

    A compilation of poetry collections recommended by LGBTQA+GTA interviewees Audre Lorde, The Collected Poems Billy-Ray Belcourt, This Wound is a World Brian Dedora, A Few Sharp Sticks Chrystos, Fire Power Dionne Brand, No Language is Neutral Edna St. Vincent Millay, Collected Sonnets of Edna St. Vincent Millay Essex Hemphill, Ceremonies Gwen Benaway, Holy Wild Hafiz, The Divan of Hafiz June Jordan, Directed ...

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    Reading Queer in the GTA (5)

    BÄNOO ZAN The Land of Orange Blossoms * You journey to me I circle your squarelike a pilgrim farewellto Kaaba Your womenin farmers’ market sell me herbs of memoryin floral dresses I’m a babyat their breasts drinking the milk of blood letting go of water Your mentoil in fields ofabundance smelling the difference between rice and books Relatives take me inknowing I’m ...

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    Reading Queer in the GTA (4)

    KAMILA RINA Imprints                                                  Last night, my ass pressed against the sink, the dish drainer rattling behind me, my teeth against your shoulders, your arm holding me up, my skirt pushed up past my hip on one side, the fingers of your other hand moved inside me in an elegant dance. Like ballet underwater, the steps fanned out in all directions: point up, ...

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    Reading Queer in the GTA (3)

    KIRBY 3:52 PM It’s Wednesday(all this time thought it was Tuesday) adult peeps just off N. Sylvanialast booth on the right ajar construction worker tank jeans wide opencock juts out rigid hard raging lit by moaning straight porn breathtaking says nothing smokes transfixed on screen pretendsthey don’t see me enter kneel stare   weep   wonder   imaginebefore god almighty living god ...

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    Reading Queer in the GTA (2)

    KHASHAYAR MOHAMMADI Pillow’s Kiss (excerpted from Moe’s Skin) Pillow’s kiss past midnight’s stroke and doze down the fugueof highway tunes. Up, up and away — past mall-lit windows wemigrate between, bootleg DVDs and cider house blues wherehatred blossoms in plastic-bagged opacity, past the hooka-smokinggirls lustfully eyeing lustful men in blue.Feel like a god, but slip on Moe’s Skin.A new motto for massage ...

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    Reading Queer in the GTA (1)

    TANIS FRANCO I Regret My Actions Up Until Now I rescheduled too many times but I actuallydo like you. This night is reminding methat I want to get over my avoidantnature. Something about those steely cloudsoutside, the fact that my roses have persistentpests, and the man who shot people justhaving an ordinary dinner on the Danforthlast night. We were going to have ...

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    In 2019, CAROUSEL interviewed five writers whose origins spanned the globe, whose ages straddled generations, whose writing practices crossed genres and genders, but who were all akin insofar as they were then at work making queer poetry in the GTA. The essay based on those interviews appeared in full in CAROUSEL 42, our winter 2019/20 print issue. What follows is an abridged ...

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    CAROUSEL 42 — out now!

    Featuring Poetry, Fiction, Reviews & Artwork by: Rachel Cloud Adams • Joshua Chris Bouchard • Tim Conley • Rocco De Giacomo • Jean Demers • Nicholas Di Genova • Tanis Franco • Eleanor Gray • KIRBY • Mark Laliberte • Evelyn Lau • Khashayar Mohammadi • gustave morin • Kamila Rina • Helen Tran • Daniel Scott Tysdal • Christine Walde • ...

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    from CAROUSEL 40: Julie Mannell’s ‘July 19, 2015: Three Years After the Strike ‘

    Erratum Notice:   It’s been brought to our attention that a printer’s imposition error has occurred in the print version of CAROUSEL 40; please note that pages 53 and 54 have been inverted in Julie Mannell’s story July 19, 2015: Three Years After the Strike (appearing on pages 51 to 58 of the journal). As a way of correcting this unfortunate error, ...

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    Shannon Anderson takes a fresh and intensive look at the work of installation artist Dominique Pétrin Montreal printmaker/installation artist Dominique Pétrin — whose practice is prominently featured in a 9-page section in CAROUSEL 36 — creates monumental, immersive art works that are unique, ephemeral and specifically conceived for their environment. With every new work she produces, the walls and floors of a gallery ...

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    “Little That Can Be Done with the Pen …” — a C36 Excerpt

    Typewriter art/poetry seems to be having a bright moment — a surge of interest evidenced by several recent mass-market books that survey the medium from different angles. In his article, ‘Little Can Be Done With The Pen Cannot Be Repeated with the Typewriter … ’ CAROUSEL 36 contributor conormcdonnell takes a look at two of the best while exploring 125 years worth of ...

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    C36 Contributor RICHARD KELLY KEMICK’s Debut Poetry Collection

    Have you read Kemick's Caribou Run? CAROUSEL 36 contributor Richard Kelly Kemick recently released his debut poetry collection, Caribou Run, with Goose Lane Editions. Kemick’s poetry, prose, and criticism have been published in literary magazines and journals across Canada and the United States, most recently in The Walrus, Maisonneuve, The Fiddlehead and Tin House. His work has won national awards, including a National Magazine gold ...

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