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    From the Archive: ‘Improvisation is Important’ Jason Interview (CAROUSEL 30)

    With a career spanning nearly two decades, Norwegian cartoonist Jason is undoubtedly one of world’s finest storytellers. Known for his sparse drawing style and anthropomorphic characters, he is the creator of a series of acclaimed, award-winning graphic novels that always deliver the perfect blend of humour and heartache. Interview conducted May, 2012 Jason, can you give us an idea how you create ...

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    From the Archive: Phil Woollam (CAROUSEL 30)

    PHIL WOOLLAM 4 Drawings from ‘Object Desire’ 4 Drawings from ‘Object Desire’appeared in CAROUSEL 30 (2013) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Paul Carlucci (CAROUSEL 30)

    PAUL CARLUCCI A Lament for the Tetrapod I see him through the windshield as I turn down our street. He’s standing on the lawn dressed in shorts and his Harry Potter shirt, staring at the grass, hands in his pockets. The rain is drumming off the car like fistfuls of baby hamsters, and the wipers swish back and forth, making my son ...

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    From the Archive: Orka Collective (CAROUSEL 30)

    ORKA COLLECTIVE Mossy Alphabet Mossy Alphabetappeared in CAROUSEL 30 (2013) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Janet Hepburn (CAROUSEL 30)

    JANET HEPBURN Somei-Yushino Sakura (flowering cherry tree) I sit beneath a canopy of lace —              exquisite, delicate                           veil of tissue paper circles Translucent white like the faces             of porcelain dolls, faintest blush                           on cheek A warming wind plucks petals             loose to float — confetti dots                           tickle spring-bare arms before frosting the lawn             in cherry blossom                           fondant Somei-Yushino Sakura (flowering cherry tree)appeared in CAROUSEL 30 (2013) ...

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    From the Archive: ‘David Boswell: World’s Toughest Cartoonist’ Interview (CAROUSEL 29)

    Jack-of-all-trades Robert Dayton has known artist / photographer David Boswell for a few years now, and has been a fan of his comic books for far longer. On the eve of the announcement of Boswell’s induction into the Canadian Cartoonists Hall of Fame, Dayton chatted Bowsell up on the mean streets of Toronto, on a sunny day — read on to find ...

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    From the Archive: Jeremiah Maddock (CAROUSEL 29)

    Dislodged faces and code-like assemblies of letters litter the found book cover canvases of Jeremiah Maddock’s art works. The New York-based artist uses ink, bleach and marker to lend everyday, recycled materials a fine art aesthetic that has garnered him legitimate attention over the last few years. Maddock is flirting with books as art objects — perhaps unwittingly — carrying on a ...

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    From the Archive: Katie Jordon (CAROUSEL 29)

    KATIE JORDON Waitress I see the same labourers every morning on my wayto work, they use yellow gloves that remind me of something other than yellow gloves. I want to say canaries,but there is nothing sweet or wild about them. I wear black and carry plates, glasses — full or blanked —for most of the day. An occasional, strange hand placed on ...

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    From the Archive: Louisa Howerow (CAROUSEL 29)

    LOUISA HOWEROW Jigsaw Puzzle The kitchen smells of cabbage and quiet.On the table a jigsaw puzzle,the Basilica di San Marcowhose four hundred pieces my mother sortsinto straight edges, corners, colours,greys, blues, blue-greens. I tell her I’ve seen the holy relics,bones of saints, a vial with the blood of Christ “I should have saved mine,” she saysreferring to her left kidney, the cancerous ...

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    From the Archive: Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline (CAROUSEL 29)

    KRISJANIS KAKTINS-GORSLINE 2 Paintings 2 Paintingsappeared in CAROUSEL 29 (2012) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Emily Gordon (CAROUSEL 29)

    EMILY GORDON Exhibits, Reflections 1A ring lies on the bedside table. A gold band, set with a small diamond, an unobtrusive story. It lies almost at the edge of the table, as if at any moment it will skim off the edge of polished wood, a boat sailing over the edge of the world. Beside the ring is a glass half filled ...

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    From the Archive: Brian Kokoska Interview (CAROUSEL 28)

    Among the roster of emerging artists today, scenes of indulgently deviant behaviour bare new skin under the paintbrush of Canadian Brian Kokoska. A recent New York transplant, Kokoska creates large scale canvas-based works using a chromatic and figural vocabulary complimentary to the themes of the carnivalesque and the grotesque. Within the art historical canon, these topics have been referenced in a moralistic ...

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    From the Archive: Winnie Truong (CAROUSEL 28)

    WINNIE TRUONG Portfolio: Trichophilia They stamp on any change: they close the way and keep the type fixed because they’ve got the arrogance to think themselves perfect. As they reckon it, they, and only they, are in the true image; very well, then it follows that if the image is true, they themselves must be God: and, being God, they reckon themselves ...

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    From the Archive: Robert Dayton (CAROUSEL 28)

    ROBERT DAYTON Nine Fantasy Beards Nine Fantasy Beardsappeared in CAROUSEL 28 (2012) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Claire Caldwell (CAROUSEL 28)

    CLAIRE CALDWELL The Summer of Dead Birds 1It was the summer of cold hands.We played bingo in the afternoons,sipping cups of warm beer. It kept the birds out. The bartender slipped us sunflower seedsin packets. They’ll grow in August, she said,fingers flapping. Our mouths too fullto reply. 2The bird didn’t know it was being rescued,the girl said. She hadn’t counted on the ...

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    From the Archive: Amber Albrecht (CAROUSEL 28)

    AMBER ALBRECHT Garlic & Sapphires in the Mud + Burrow 2 Drawings by Amber Albrechtappeared in CAROUSEL 28 (2012) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Laurie D. Graham (CAROUSEL 27)

    LAURIE D. GRAHAM The Window Blind Factory Hardshipis the endurance of atrophy. On break outside Derwent High School,now a blind factory cultivating jobs, in the bookless classrooms of industry,gymnasium lifebreath enterprise, entrepreneurial smoke-breaks or not — the women in front of the school have the same devout braids,the same homemade blouses under company windbreakers, the same empty hands. Maybe they’re made to ...

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    From the Archive: Natalie Zina Walschots (CAROUSEL 27)

    NATALIE ZINA WALSCHOTS Supervillains Charybdis wolf-bellied and writhingshe the rock to your whirlpool all bladder all mouthyou vomit seawatereffluence all salt slavering tentacle to gaping mawperfect dinner companions you shatter the vesselshe devours the crew Lex my stately pleasure dome, decree Parasite hunger gone hollow slobber shankedgnaw to marrow swallow Doom 1 grillwork rebuff skin, bitten superconductordata scatters toes to TENS unitmy ...

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    From the Archive: Larry Eisenstein (CAROUSEL 27)

    LARRY EISENSTEIN Froozenjugens Froozenjugensappeared in CAROUSEL 27 (2011) — buy it here ...

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    From the Archive: Sandra Jensen (CAROUSEL 27)

    SANDRA JENSEN Romeo and the Lonely Girl Besides the Sunday dance at the Bunbeg Hotel, the only thing I looked forward to was going to sleep. We lived in the middle-of-nowhere-Donegal, surrounded by barren, treeless hills and sheep with scrapies. Excitement consisted of: Cripply-Wipply passing our house on his daily four-mile hobble to the nearest pub; the wurra-wurra bird scaring the bejesus ...

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