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Shantell Powell/ August 16, 2023/ Book Review, Capsule Review

Lorenz Peter
Moon Boots: The Chronicles of a Country Crooner (Conundrum Press, 2023)
ISBN: 978-1-77262-081-8 | 120 pages | $17.00 CAD | BUY Here


Lorenz Peter is a writer, illustrator and musician. Moon Boots is his fifth graphic novel and is semi-autobiographical. It depicts the adventures of Lester LaFleur, a free-spirited musician of no fixed address. Lester looks a bit like a country-western Edgar Allan Poe, and he hitchhikes his way across Canada, living rough. It’s all in a day’s work for a modern-day minstrel playing gigs in a string of dive bars.

The lettering is a legible scrawl that matches the raw and loose illustrations. The rough black and white illustrations have a real indie comic book feel to them. They remind me of a less-stylized Seth (of Palookaville fame) or Julie Doucet (of Dirty Plotte fame). Lorenz Peter tightens up his style for a few showcased panels: while Lester LaFleur rides in a semi-truck through unpopulated areas, lovingly rendered landscapes and waterscapes give us a taste of Canada’s wild beauty.

Moon Boots feels like Canadiana done in the style of John Waters. It features glamour through the eyes of people on the fringes. It’s trashy, it’s real and there’s no shortage of Tim Hortons. Recommended for fans of Drawn & Quarterly comics, slice-of-life stories and punk rock living.

Recommended excerpt:

Lester makes a deal with Jimmy, who is having problems with his Tim Horton’s coffee. Lance arrives in a (probably) stolen car, and they drive the lonesome highways past gorgeous natural vistas (p. 63).

Shantell (Shan) Powell is a two-spirit author, artist and swamp hag who grew up in an apocalyptic cult while living off the land. Powell is the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive Fellow for 2023, a fellow for the Roots Wounds Words Winter Retreat in 2023 and a recent graduate of the Writers’ Studio at Simon Fraser University and the LET(s) Lead Academy at Yale University. She has a BA in Classics, English Drama and Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick, and studied Art and Design at Conestoga College and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Her writing has appeared in Augur, Cloud Lake Literary Journal, Feminist Studies Journal, Prairie Fire, Yellow Medicine Journal and more. Her visual art has been shown in the National Textile Museum, OCAD and Porcelain Painters of Canada. When she’s not writing or making things, she’s getting filthy in the woods. More: +

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