September 2023 Reviewer-in-Residence: Emily Woodworth

Admin/ September 5, 2023/ Reviewer-in-Residence

Introducing our September 2023 Reviewer-in-Residence:

Emily Woodworth is a writer, filmmaker and proud descendant of the Karuk Tribe. She grew up in rural Oregon, where she developed a love for nature and the psychological pathologies that permeate small towns. Her work has appeared in EcoTheo Review, Los Suelos, Joyland, No Contact and more. Emily graduated with her MFA from CalArts, and has held fellowships from Oregon Literary Arts and the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing. In her spare time, she reads nonfiction for Split Lip Magazine.


Still from The Purse: A Dream in Two Acts (written, directed and produced by Emily Woodworth).

Over the course of the month, Woodworth will review the following books:

Matthew Tétreault‘s debut novel Hold Your Tongue (NeWest Press, 2023)
Matthew Del Papa‘s debut essay collection Jerry Lewis Told Me I Was Going to Die (Latitude 46 Publishing, 2023)
Ruth DyckFehderau‘s debut novel I (Athena) (NeWest Press, 2023)

… Stay tuned!

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