4PANEL Supplement No. 16 now free online (from CAROUSEL 42)

Staff/ July 10, 2020/ 4PANEL, Special Project

Kim Jooha recently guest-edited The 4PANEL Project‘s 8-page Supplement section in CAROUSEL 42. This special section features explorations of the four-panel comic strip format by an absolutely magical roster of both Canadian and international artists:

  • William Dereume (Canada)
  • Margaux Duseigneur (France)
  • François Henninger (France)
  • Huh Hyunjung (South Korea)
  • Laurence Lagier (France)
  • Lomé Lu (France)
  • Andrea Lukic (Canada)
  • Juli Majer (Canada)
  • Manuel (France)
  • Aeon Mute (Canada)
  • OOO (Korea)
  • Rantan (Korea)
  • Caroline Sury (France)
  • Jeong Wonkyo (Korea)
  • Woo Younsik (Korea)

While the 4PANEL Supplement section is a visual treat best experienced in print (you can order a copy of the issue below), we’re giving you FREE access to the entire lovely curated selection of all 16 strips from the issue today — as well as 5 bonus strips!


Kim Jooha is a comics writer, editor and curator based in Toronto, Canada. She was an associative publisher of 2dcloud, and has edited graphic novels by Alexis Beauclair, Lale Westvind and Chou Yi. Jooha has written for The Comics Journal, Comics Workbook and DAMN° Magazine — More: kimjooha.com

4PANEL Supplement No. 16
appears in CAROUSEL 42 buy it here

CAROUSEL 42 — cover by Nicholas Di Genova
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