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Do you know the work of Hazel Meyer?

Hazel Meyer is a Toronto-based artist whose practice is profiled in CAROUSEL 35. She maintains a prolific, playful and totally engaging presence in the art world. As the inaugural artist-in-residence at Toronto's Scrap Metal Gallery, solo exhibitor at MacLaren Art Centre, and public art commission for Cambridge Gallery's Idea Exchange, Meyer has produced large scale, often interactive, installations that tackle marginalized gender issues, and athletics, in fringy, thrilling ways. C35-meyer2_1024px Meyer utilizes everything from Sharpie, and animated gif to drapery and leatherwork. Her work juxtaposes the common with the beautiful and the grotesque, always highlighting the difficult prejudices underpinning our culture as we grapple with our differences in an exposed, visceral arena.   : : : : Read Emily Fitzpatrick's intensive profile of Hazel Meyer, and see a selection of her work, in CAROUSEL 35 : : : : For more info on Hazel Meyer: go here      

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