June 2023 Reviewers-in-Residence: The Ampersand Review’s Shaylyn Schwieg and Becca Lawlor

Staff/ June 5, 2023/ Reviewer-in-Residence

Introducing our June 2023 Reviewers-in-Residence:

June 2023 is a special month here at USEREVIEW, as we’re partnering with The Ampersand Review to bring you some exciting crossover content! Every Wednesday, CAROUSEL will be featuring reviews by Ampersand interns Shaylyn Schwieg and Becca Lawlor. Meanwhile, Ampersand’s June issue will feature a rare full-length external review by CAROUSEL Reviews Editor Jade Wallace, who normally only reviews for CAROUSEL. Without further ado, we introduce this month’s reviewers …

Shaylyn Schwieg is a writer and reviewer from Brampton, Ontario. Currently she works as the Events and Communications Intern at The Ampersand Review, and studies Creative Writing & Publishing at Sheridan College. She enjoys exploring different writing genres and basking in the beauty of others’ writing.

Becca Lawlor is a queer writer and editor in their third year of the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing program at Sheridan College. They have published a short fiction story in The Bangalore Review, self-published an audiobook, Sugar Water, on SoundCloud, and are working as an editorial intern for The Ampersand Review. Living in Mississauga, Becca reads most moments of the day while drinking lukewarm, decaffeinated tea.

More: theampersandreview.ca/

Over the course of the month, Schwieg and Lawlor will review the following books:

Anita Lahey and Pauline Conley‘s graphic novel Fire Monster (Palimpsest Press, 2023)
Catriona Wright‘s sophomore poetry collection Continuity Errors (Coach House Books, 2023)
• Rune Christiansen’s latest novel The Loneliness in Lydia Erneman’s Life translated by Kari Dickson (Book*hug Press, 2023)

… Stay tuned!

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