Justin Stephenson’s Titles for Crimes of the Future

Staff/ December 21, 2022/ Artist

In lieu of our regular weekly USEREVIEW posts, we at CAROUSEL will be using each Wednesday in December to highlight just a few of the many exciting artistic projects that former contributors have been at work on outside of the pages of our magazine. Up now: Justin Stephenson’s film titles for David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future (2022).

Past CAROUSEL contributor Justin Stephenson is an award-winning filmmaker and moving image designer. He has directed, animated and edited films, including Gord Downie’s Secret Path in Concert and Distributed. Stephenson also spent a full fifteen years directing and animating The Complete Works, a monumental cinematic adaptation of the oeuvre of bpNichol. In 2016, Stephenson talked with scholar, editor and artist Eric Schmaltz about The Complete Works, and their interview was featured in CAROUSEL 37 (Fall 2016).

Image of the interior of issue 37 of CAROUSEL, being held open to the page featuring Justin Stephenson's interview with Eric Schmaltz.

In addition to working on his own films, Stephenson has designed titles for many high-profile films over the years, including Sarah Polley & Mary Herron’s Alias Grace and Atom Egoyan’s Remember. He has also done titles for numerous David Cronenberg films, such as Maps to the Stars, Cosmopolis and most recently Crimes of the Future, which debuted in 2022. Stephenson’s titles for Crimes of the Future showcase his long-time interest in “materialities,” and emphasize the film’s “tension between the internal organs as things-in-themselves and the tattoos — the images — that mark them.”

You can watch the full titles for Crimes of the Future here.

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