From the Archive: Leigh Nash (CAROUSEL 23)

Staff/ September 11, 2020/ Poem


Day Trip

This day beetles forward
careening red eyelid on
a two-lane Yucatan road
110 km/h

glass eyeballs unblink
chew up scenery, plow
past the tinted windows of
white tourist vans

The most earth with no
earth, almond trees burst
from lime rock, low bushes
bear pink

avocados; dogs spill sideways
in the sun, feral
ribs thin inlets

Corrugated towns chatter

Rusty graveyards swallow
pastel crosses row, row
crumbling plaster tombs
thousand year-old stone
overgrown with lilies, bougainvillea

Waist-high girls and boys embrace
the shade of ledges
the missing teeth of door
ways, gutted windows

Leigh Nash is the publisher at Invisible Publishing and The Emergency Response Unit. She is the author of the poetry collection Goodbye, Ukulele (Mansfield Press). She also reads tarot cards and very occasionally teaches yoga in Prince Edward County, Ontario. More:

Day Trip
appeared in CAROUSEL 23 (2008) — buy it here

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