From the Archive: Portfolio: C/A/R/O/U/S/E/L (CAROUSEL 23)

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Portfolio: C/A/R/O/U/S/E/L

‘CAROUSEL’ is an 8-letter word, and, conveniently, that’s a signature in print. Conceived around this simple paper building block, we decided to organize a little art/text experiment for inclusion in this issue.

We invited a group of artists to conceive of and interpret a specific letter in print. We assigned a full page and a single letter to each agreeable collaborator, choosing participants who already seemed to have an expressed interest in working with both text and image within the day-to-day moments of their practice.

Understanding that this special section would be reproduced in our magazine in full 4/4 colour, the artists were otherwise given free reign to surprise us with their completed page, as long as the assigned letter in question remained a key feature of the work. The illustrations we reveal to you on the following eight pages do not disappoint: they are surprising and inventive, and uniquely reflect the mood and spirit of our journal.

It should be noted that as well as appearing in CAROUSEL 23, the works that make up the series were also made available as a special limited-edition print project in collaboration with INDEXg’s GOOD Editions program: each of the eight works were made separately available as a 17” x 22” archival print on 100% rag fine art paper (limited to a very small run of 10).

Finally, the entire glorious print set was on public display at the CRSL23+ exhibition which took place in Toronto in September 2009!

C — Erik Jerezano
A — Michael DeForge
R — Jason McLean
O — Luke Ramsey
U — Mark Laliberte
S — derek beaulieu
E — Jesse Harris
L — Mark Laliberte

Portfolio: C/A/R/O/U/S/E/L
appeared in CAROUSEL 23 (2008) — buy it here

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