Feb 14

CAROUSEL at The Artist Project (Feb 21-23 / Toronto)


CAROUSEL will be at The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, from Feb 21-23, 2014 — come check out the amazing art, and be sure to stop by The Magazine Lounge to say hello; we’ll be showcased in the lounge along with these other fine Art & Culture publications: Aesthetica Magazine, C Magazine, Canadian Art, Carbon Paper, Designlines, Toronto Life and The Walrus. The Magazine Lounge Coffee Bar features modern Italian furniture designed by Konstantin Grcic for PLANK and a moss graffiti installation by Jennifer Ilett & Sprout Guerilla!

What will be offering?
– discounted copies of our current issue (#32): pick up our latest for only $8!
– extremely discounted subscription packages: get a 2-issue sub for $12, or a 4-issue for $20!!

: : : : About The Artist Project:
From seasoned collectors and first time art buyers, to gallery dealers and interior designers, visitors can explore and discover works of art from over 250 top contemporary artists from Canada and abroad. This is a unique opportunity to meet and buy art directly from artists at Toronto’s most celebrated contemporary art fair.

: : : : Show Dates:
Fri Feb 21, 2014 from 12-8pm
Sat Feb 22, 2014 from 11am-8pm
Sun Feb 23, 2014 from 11am-6pm

: : : : Location:
Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON

: : : : Info: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | #theartistproject | TheArtistProject.com

Nov 13

Do you know the work of Mark Connery?


Mark Connery is a Toronto artist and cartoonist whose strange little pieces frequently appear in the 4PANEL experimental comics showcase. We’re pleased to let you know about Might Match The Couch, an exhibition of new paintings and collages opening this month at Weird Things (998 Bathurst St, Toronto) on Thu Nov 14, 7-10pm. The exhibition runs from Nov 14 – Dec 11, 2013.

Also on the horizon for Mr. Connery: a compilation of his notorious ‘Rudy’ mini-comix will be published by 2d Cloud in spring 2014. Congrats!


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Sep 13

‘More Than Two (Let It Make Itself)’ — at The Power Plant


This massive show opens at The Power Plant, Toronto, on Friday Sept 20th! AND our very own Managing Editor Mark Laliberte has work in it, check it out.

: : : : thepowerplant.org/Exhibitions/2013/Fall/Micah-Lexier.aspx

Aug 13

ZINE DREAM 6 (Aug 02-04, 2013 / Toronto)


The 6th Annual Zine Dream Small Press Fair: a weekend long celebration of self-publishing in Toronto!

Fri Aug 02, 7pm:
Nieves Zine Library (founded by Benjamin Sommerhalder in 2001 in Zurich) and Innen (an independent publisher founded by Hungarian graphic designer Aaron Fabian in 2006)  at Art Metropole (1490 Dundas St W): a full retrospective of the Nieves Zine Library alongside a specially designed display of Innen Shop including an on-glass-installation in the window at Art Metropole. Opening reception begins on Aug 02 at 7pm; exhibition continues until Aug 28, 2013.

Sat Aug 03, 1pm:
‘Generation Z’ panel discussion at Xpace Cultural Centre (303 Lansdowne Ave) — Xpace hosts a panel discussion moderated by Tara Bursey, featuring Mary Tremonte, Michael Comeau, Eric Williams and Kendra Yee: over the last few decades, the form and content of zines as well as the way they are created and disseminated has changed. From punk fanzines to contemporary photo zines, postal to online dissemination, and intersections between art, politics, comics, music and literature, this intergenerational zine talk will explore shifts and similarities between zines and self-publishing practices of the past and present.

Sun Aug 04, 12-5pm:
Zine Dream Small Press Art Fair at The Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave): The main event! Over 50 exhibitors of self published art books, comics, crafts, music, zines and much more. PWYC. Visit zinedream.com for a list of exhibitors.


May 13

Souther Salazar exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery


Souther Salazar
May 18 – Jun 15, 2013
@ Jonathan LeVine Gallery (529 W 20th St #9  New York, NY 10011)

Portland-based artist Souther Salazar (who is prominently featured in our new issue, CAROUSEL 31) is currently exhibiting Souvenirs, a series of new paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations at Jonathan LeVine Gallery — his fourth solo exhibition with the gallery.

Salazar2013_installWorks in Souvenirs were inspired by the Trading Tortoise, Salazar’s recent collaboration with his wife, Monica Choy. In 2012, the pair created an interactive art installation in the form of a tortoise-shaped trading post, which they took on tour, bartering unique objects and stories at locations in over 30 different cities across the country. During their travels, the artists explored America, exchanging tiny treasures and sharing adventures along the way. This unique community-oriented experience which connected a diverse group of people through a network of trades, is documented on tradingtortoise.com (— the project is also discussed and highlighted in the pages of CAROUSEL‘s latest).


: : : : More info about Souther Salazar: here

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May 13

LARRY EISENSTEIN – Negative Capability exhibition


Larry Eisenstein
Negative Capability
May 25 – Jun 16, 2013 (opening Sat May 25, 2-5pm)
@ Loop Gallery (1273 Dundas St W, Toronto)

Toronto artist and 4PANEL participant Larry Eisenstein (whose work was prominently featured back in CAROUSEL 27) has a new exhibit opening in Toronto, Negative Capability. Romantic poet John Keats used the term “negative capabilityto describe an artist’s receptiveness to the world and its natural marvel, and the struggle of human beings to transcend and revise their contexts. Philosopher Roberto Unger appropriated Keats’ term in order to explain resistance to rigid social divisions and hierarchies. For psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion, negative capability was the ability to tolerate the pain and confusion of not knowing, rather than imposing ready-made or omnipotent certainties upon an ambiguous situation or emotional challenge. Eisenstien links Keat’s interpretation of negative capability to the heart, Unger’s to the body, and Bion’s to the mind. Together, this trinity of intimacy, passion and commitment encapsulate the joys and anxieties Eisenstein experiences as he creates numerous meticulously patterned drawings of free-form viral clusters.

Eisenstein will be sharing the gallery space with artist Eric Farache, whose exhibition of larger painted works, Quixtopia also opens.

Gallery Hours//
Wed–Sat 11am–5pm, Sun 1-4pm

: : : : More info about Larry Eisenstein: here
: : : : More info about Loop: here
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Apr 13

MARK LALIBERTE — New Exhibition


Mark Laliberte — CUT PROGRAM
Apr 11 – May 05, 2013 (opening Thu Apr 11, 6-9pm)
@ MONASTIRAKI (5478 St-Laurent, Montreal)

Toronto artist and CAROUSEL Managing Editor/ Designer Mark Laliberte has a new exhibit at in Montreal. A retrospective look at more than 10 years of production, this exhibition offers a ‘collage view’ of several different collage projects I have created over the years, providing a sutured sampling of paper-based works spanning back to 2000. Whether chaotic, structured, messy or formal, the visual vocabularies on display here offer a surface look at the varied approaches taken in the struggle to organize meaning in a cut/paste world view.


Gallery Hours//
Wed: 12 – 6pm
Thu – Fri: 12 – 8pm
Sat – Sun: 12 – 5pm

ph: 514.278.4879

: : : : More info about Mark Laliberte: here
: : : : More info about Monastiraki: here
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Mar 13

derek beaulieu’s ‘How to Read’ exhibition


Canadian poet, publisher & anthologist derek beaulieu is a writer obsessed w/ the upscaling of lowercase gestures; we interviewed him about the state of his practice back in CAROUSEL 27.

beaulieu’ first major solo exhibition, ‘How To Read’, is opening this Fri Mar 22 at Niagara Artists Centre in St. Catharine’s, ON — it runs in the Showroom space until May 10, 2013. ‘How To Read’ moves beaulieu’s work from print into the gallery, where he explores the materiality of the page and the letter. Acknowledging that the information age has changed the way we navigate the word, ‘How To Read’ shows us how our cut, copy, and paste culture has transformed reading praxis. The artist will be exhibiting seldom seen works like “The Newspaper” and never before seen pieces like “The Alphabet”.


There will also be an artist talk by beaulieu on Sat Mar 23 beginning at 10am, with the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion on poetry, poetics and more — participants include Rampike editor Karl E. Jirgens and writer Jenny Sampirisi. It’s being hosted by the Grey Borders Reading Series.

: : : : More info about derek beaulieu: here

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Mar 13

Farquharson curates ‘Translation’


March 01 – 30, 2013
@ O’Born Contemporary (131 Ossington Ave, Toronto)

Featuring: Alex Fischer / John Monteith / Petrina Ng / Callum Schuster
Curated by: Rachel Anne Farquharson

Rachel Anne Farquharson is a Toronto-based essayist and curator, whose writings appear regularly in the pages of CAROUSEL; for our current issue, she profiles and interviews Toronto pixel-pusher Alex Fischer. She is also a feature contributor to C Magazine, having published an interpretive essay on Kerry Tribe in the fall of 2012; and, she writes content for the Huffington Post, critiquing both local and international exhibitions and artists.

Farquharson has recently taken a position as the new Associate Director at O’Born Contemporary; the Translation group exhibition — which explores the many things a translation can be – represents her first curated show at the gallery.

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Feb 13



Jen Mann is an artist from Toronto, ON, whose work is profiled in CAROUSEL 30, our current issue. She attended OCAD U from 2005–09, receiving her BFA in printmaking. Since then she has focused on painting and developed a large body of work, which explores the subconscious, and focuses on ideas of freedom, perceived beauty, identity and home.


Mann’s latest Toronto exhibit, Strange Beauties, is running from Feb 20 – Mar 23, 2013 at Neubacher Shor Contemporary (6 Brock Ave). Opening reception will be held this Thu Feb 20 from 6-9pm.


: : : : For more info on Jen Mann: go here
: : : : For more info on Neubacher Shor‘s upcoming exhibits: go here

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Feb 13

FIONA SMYTH – new exhibition


Fiona Smyth
Feb 07 – Mar 09, 2013 (opening Sat Feb 09, 4-8pm)
@ Robert Kananaj Gallery (1267 Bloor St W, Toronto)

Toronto artist and 4PANEL participant Fiona Smyth (who we profiled/interviewed back in CAROUSEL 25 — our Spring-Summer 2010 issue) has a new exhibit at in Toronto. A retrospective look at 10 years of production, the exhibited works include paintings and drawings from the series Bride of Gene (2002) and The Virtuous – Rise of the Matriarchy (2007). Smyth’s themes include examinations of the elastic resiliency of female identity and the idea of traumatic memory living in the tissue of the body. Her figurative paintings reveal violent and beautiful narratives about the conflict of the exterior corporeal world and internal truths of being female.

Gallery Hours//
Tue–Sat (11am–6pm)
ph: 416.289.8855

: : : : More info about Fiona Smyth: here
: : : : More info about RKG: here
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Jun 12


Do you know the work of Fionn McCabe?

Fionn McCabe is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator whose work appears on the cover of CAROUSEL 29, as well as inside the issue.

McCabe is the founder of Oh Nancy, a national art collective created with Arthur Henderson and Nathan Wellman. It provides a vehicle for artists — presenting them with a narrative structure that facilitates collaboration and multiple-authorship. Using contradiction, symbolism, and coincidence histories are created and layered — anchored in this narrative blueprint. ‘The story’ is a mythical and satirical portrait of Americana that examines fanaticism and the complexities of the American hero. Artists respond to different facets of the story, organically building it along the way, each exhibition the latest chapter in an ever growing epic.

Blank Land, the newest Oh Nancy project, features the work of over fifty artists, and opens Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the Torrance Art Museum (3320 Civic Center Drive / Torrance, CA).

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>>> For more info on Fionn McCabego here
>>> For more info on Oh Nancy: go here

Jun 12

Scenes from WNDW5

This past weekend, the final of five Carousel WNDW projects opened in Downtown Toronto. Here are some peeks at Magda Trzaski’s *Queenspecific installation … for the full picture on this project and all the others, be sure to visit each location!


Jun 12

WNDW5: Magda Trzaski — opening June 15

WNDW5: Magda Trzaski — Pulled Apart By Horses

Jun 14 – Jul 27, 2012
RECEPTION> Fri Jun 15, 6pm
>>> About the Project: wndw-s.ca/
>>> About the Venue: queenspecific.com/
>>> About the Artist: magdatrzaski.com/

Nature, mortality, still life composition and fairytale culture inform and inspire Canadian artist Magda Trzaski’s mixed media work. For her *Queenspecific window exhibit, Pulled Apart By Horses, Trzaski will create one of her stylized, anthropomorphic figurative works at large-scale — a first for an artist who is well known for her petite, ‘narrative-noir’ shadowbox scenes.

RECEPTION> Fri Jun 15, 6-7pm
Come out to WNDW5 for a brief opening at Dufflet Pastries (right next to the *Queenspecific window gallery)

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Jun 12

WNDW4: Robert Dayton — opening June 10

WNDW4: Robert Dayton — The Canadian Romantic’s Window Display

@ Roadside Attractions (911 Davenport Rd)
Jun 09 – Jul 13, 2012
RECEPTION> Sun Jun 10, 2pm
>>> About the Project: wndw-s.ca/
>>> About the Venue: Roadside Attractions/
>>> About the ArtistTheCanadianRomantic/

The Canadian Romantic‘ is a larger-than-life character by artist and entertainer Robert Dayton that explores the grey area of impossibilities that intersect with Canada and romance. This window display will revolve around these notions and this persona.

RECEPTION> Sun Jun 10, 2pm
Come out to WNDW4 for a picnic in Hillcrest Park (directly across from Roadside Attractions) — featuring maple cookies, assorted goodies, and a brief in character performance by The Canadian Romantic!

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