LARRY EISENSTEIN – Negative Capability exhibition

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Larry Eisenstein
Negative Capability
May 25 – Jun 16, 2013 (opening Sat May 25, 2-5pm)
@ Loop Gallery (1273 Dundas St W, Toronto)

Toronto artist and 4PANEL participant Larry Eisenstein (whose work was prominently featured back in CAROUSEL 27) has a new exhibit opening in Toronto, Negative Capability. Romantic poet John Keats used the term “negative capabilityto describe an artist’s receptiveness to the world and its natural marvel, and the struggle of human beings to transcend and revise their contexts. Philosopher Roberto Unger appropriated Keats’ term in order to explain resistance to rigid social divisions and hierarchies. For psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion, negative capability was the ability to tolerate the pain and confusion of not knowing, rather than imposing ready-made or omnipotent certainties upon an ambiguous situation or emotional challenge. Eisenstien links Keat’s interpretation of negative capability to the heart, Unger’s to the body, and Bion’s to the mind. Together, this trinity of intimacy, passion and commitment encapsulate the joys and anxieties Eisenstein experiences as he creates numerous meticulously patterned drawings of free-form viral clusters.

Eisenstein will be sharing the gallery space with artist Eric Farache, whose exhibition of larger painted works, Quixtopia also opens.

Gallery Hours//
Wed–Sat 11am–5pm, Sun 1-4pm

: : : : More info about Larry Eisenstein: here
: : : : More info about Loop: here
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