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Do you know the work of Robert Dayton?

Robert Dayton is a multidisciplinary writer, entertainer and artist from British Columbia who resides for the moment in Toronto; his ‘Fantasy Beards’ drawing series is featured in CAROUSEL 28.

Dayton originally came from a zine background in the early ’90s, wrote a weekly newspaper column of ephemera that bordered on experimental fiction and non-fiction, and was a co-creator of the short-lived but well loved newspaper The Drippy Gazette. He is known for being in such curious musical acts as Wet Dirt, Canned Hamm and July Fourth Toilet, as well as acting in the films Male Fantasy, Ivory Tower, and various other sundry things. His work has appeared in Hunter and Cook, The Toronto Onion, Roctober, Cinema Sewer, Paper Rodeo, Bananafish, as well as the book Lost In the Grooves.

Dayton’s most recent project is his series of videos and performances as the persona of The Canadian Romantic, a melodramatic figure of faded glamour who tries to bridge and explore the gap between Canada and romance with somewhat dubious results. This has now resulted in a limited edition doll, as well as an art book of pen-and-ink drawings and writings published by PITT studio/Publication Projects.

He is currently in the middle of an online fundraising campaign to release Points Gray, a long-lost album he recorded with Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer) and Julian Lawrence from around the turn of the century. With your help, the Points Gray recordings will be professionally mastered and released for the first time on vinyl (limited to 500 copies) with liner notes provided by music writer and archivist Kevin ‘Sipreano’ Howes, and an art + lyric booklet!

>>> To purchase CAROUSEL 28: go here
>>> For more info on Robert Dayton: go here
>>> To visit The Canadian Romantic on YouTube: go here
>>> To learn about the ‘Points Gray’ fundraising campaign: go here
>>> To listen to a sample track from ‘Points Gray’: go here

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