USEREVIEW 093: Critical Pictures

John Nyman/ September 7, 2022/ Book Review, Experimental Review

How can a critic respond to Zane Koss‘ debut collection, Harbour Grids (Invisible Publishing, 2022), which, despite being “a long poem in four parts” is textually, and even visually, sparse, defined as much by absence as by presence? In this experimental review, John Nyman mirrors Koss’ terse and spatial form, in an attempt to approach the text on its own terms — to chart a route for readers through the breakwater and steer us clearly into the harbour.

ISBN 978-1-98878-488-5  | 144 pp | $19.95 CAD — BUY Here


John Nyman is a poet and critic from Toronto. His newest chapbook is The Devil (knife|fork|book, 2020). More:

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