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Do you know the work of Jennifer Linton?

Jennifer Linton is a Toronto-based artist who works predominantly with illustration and print media. Her work My Alphabet of Anxieties and Desires appears in CAROUSEL 27, our current issue. In her recent print-based installation, The Disobedient Dollhouse, Linton meticulously crafted her own twisted version of a traditional Victorian-style dollhouse. This contrary miniature home is plagued with infestations of insects and snakes crawling on walls and sliding out from beds.

Herself a mother, Linton here explores the experience of womanhood and the relation of mother and child subtly by revisiting the model of reality often presented to children in their early years. Reflecting on her own experience with the dollhouse, she admits to an element of nostalgia — although any sentimentality has been disturbed by an air of anxiety and absurdity conveyed by the odd bird-headed children and other monsters. The Disobedient Dollhouse alludes to the complexity and conflict of home — a place both of refuge and tension between personal desire and familial responsibility.

Currently, Linton is working on a new print-based installation of paper puppets which will be part of a series of 2-D cutout stop motion animations. This new project will be stylistically similar to the Dollhouse, and will be exhibited in the George Gilmour Gallery at Open Studio, Toronto, in February-March of 2012.

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