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Do you know the work of Larry Eisenstein?

Larry Eisenstein is a Toronto-based visual artist obsessed with making strange marks on paper. Through countless drawings of free-form viral shape-clusters, he compulsively exploits line and explores form. These works offer magical peeks into mutant worlds, densely rendered at small scale in high detail. A portfolio of Eisenstein’s recent work appears in CAROUSEL 27, our current issue.

For our readers in Toronto, note that dozens of Eisenstein’s finely-detailed creations can be experienced first-hand at Doodactic, an exhibition currently at Loop Gallery (runs April 30 — May 22, 2011); he shares the space with fellow artist Eric Farache, whose exhibition Life Lessons presents a series of narratively rich, slightly surrealistic watercolour and ink paintings.

BONUS! A post-rapture Q&A session with artists Larry Eisenstein and Eric Farache will take place Sunday May 22, from 2-4pm at Loop Gallery (1273 Dundas St W), moderated by NOW Art Critic David Jager and CAROUSEL Managing Editor Mark Laliberte — please join us at this free event.

>>> To purchase CAROUSEL 27:  go here
>>> For more info on Larry Eisensteingo here
>>> RSVP to the Doodactic Exhibition Facebook event: here

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