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The You from Here

Last night I watched a house burn down. And when it was done only a silhouette remained, lit from inside by a heart of crusted embers. I thought about you. Afterwards, in my hotel room, I noticed the scent of smoke on my jacket. You used to call that lumberjack perfume. More thoughts of you.
       I ordered food: Thai noodles and a ginger ale. I found a hair clinging to a piece of tofu, a long brown one, and it should’ve spoiled everything — but it didn’t. I thought about your summer job, that kitchen, hairnets and you.
       Sleep never came and I watched commercials on TV: pimple creams, iron thighs and jerky-making machines. And I wondered, as I always do, who the hell makes jerky? Then I went to the bathroom and looked at myself naked. I did what you’d expect me to do, and it felt good; but it would’ve been better with you.
       A shower, thoughts of a cigarette, and a sunrise all pink and bright and beautiful. I thought of your cheeks when you blush, and the space above your breasts where I like to kiss. More you, you, you.
       The wake-up call came, but I wasn’t sleeping. I’d sifted thoughts all night. I wondered if you got my letter. Would you come today? Would you meet me in the lobby, by the fountain with the cherub peeing on the fish? Was I foolish to skip my plane and stay? I said it couldn’t be done.
       I said that many times. Then my breakfast was served with a smiley face, two eggy eyes and greasy bacon lips, and I took it as a good omen. I tipped the waitress five dollars. Hopeless, needy thoughts of you.
       I waited where I promised. There were two goldfish in the fountain, sad ones, close to the surface and gasping for air. Then I saw you cross through the crowd in one impossible movement, rearranging reality as you went, defying physical boundaries. Your arms opened out from your body like the fins of a giant stingray and sliced through the liquid air of the room.
       And then you were close. You looked terrible and I felt better. “You smell like a lumberjack,” you whispered, and kissed me. “You taste like bacon,” I replied.
       Mouth-watering, mountain moving, naughty thoughts of you.

Phil Caron has had a career in writing and in directing various media projects. His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail and In/Words, on CBC Radio 1 and in numerous film festivals. He has a BFA from Concordia University.

The You from Here
appeared in CAROUSEL 20 (2006) — buy it here

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