Free CAROUSEL #29 MIXTAPE online now!

: : : : download the free CAROUSEL 29 Mixtape NOW! As an accompaniment to our Summer 2012 issue, we’ve invited Kranky recording artist Christopher Bissonnette to compile a 14-track continuous MP3 Mixtape, Vibrating On Two Notes (1hr / 96.28 MB) We hope you will choose to enjoy our new issue while listening to this suggested soundtrack. : : : : Download the C29 Vibrating On Two Notes mix: here : : : : Purchase CAROUSEL 29: here


Do you know the work of Fionn McCabe? Fionn McCabe is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator whose work appears on the cover of CAROUSEL 29, as well as inside the issue. McCabe is the founder of Oh Nancy, a national art collective created with Arthur Henderson and Nathan Wellman. It provides a vehicle for artists — presenting them with a narrative structure that facilitates collaboration and multiple-authorship. Using contradiction, symbolism, and coincidence histories are

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Livewords hosts the CAROUSEL 29 Launch Party!

Thu Jul 05, 2012 / @ The Black Swan — 154 Danforth Ave (2nd floor) / Toronto, ON Doors at 7:30 pm — Readings from 8pm The evening will feature readings by contributors: Claire Caldwell / Robert Dayton / Emily Gordon / Katie Jordon / Josh Stewart / Elana Wolff / Talia Zajac SPECIAL EVENT OFFER — please note that since we did not host a public launch in Toronto of CAROUSEL #28, we hope

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Scenes from WNDW5

This past weekend, the final of five Carousel WNDW projects opened in Downtown Toronto. Here are some peeks at Magda Trzaski’s *Queenspecific installation … for the full picture on this project and all the others, be sure to visit each location! WNDW5

WNDW5: Magda Trzaski — opening June 15

WNDW5: Magda Trzaski — Pulled Apart By Horses @ *QUEENSPECIFIC (787 Queen St W) Jun 14 – Jul 27, 2012 RECEPTION> Fri Jun 15, 6pm >>> About the Project: >>> About the Venue: >>> About the Artist: Nature, mortality, still life composition and fairytale culture inform and inspire Canadian artist Magda Trzaski’s mixed media work. For her *Queenspecific window exhibit, Pulled Apart By Horses, Trzaski will create one of her stylized, anthropomorphic figurative

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WNDW4: Robert Dayton — opening June 10

WNDW4: Robert Dayton — The Canadian Romantic’s Window Display @ Roadside Attractions (911 Davenport Rd) Jun 09 – Jul 13, 2012 RECEPTION> Sun Jun 10, 2pm >>> About the Project: >>> About the Venue: Roadside Attractions/ >>> About the Artist: TheCanadianRomantic/ ‘The Canadian Romantic‘ is a larger-than-life character by artist and entertainer Robert Dayton that explores the grey area of impossibilities that intersect with Canada and romance. This window display will revolve around these notions

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Scenes from WNDW1, 2 and 3

This past weekend, three of the five Carousel WNDW projects opened in Downtown Toronto. Here are some peeks at each … for the full picture, go visit each location. WNDW1 The front gate of Gallery 1313 Aritst Larry Eisenstein installing in the G1313 Window Box ‘Shadow God’ detail An Eisensteinian blob escapes the confines of the window gallery WNDW2 The front window of Fine & Dandy Gallery A visually exciting ‘BRAVELAND’ detail Night-view of ‘BRAVELAND’

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