From the Archive: Antranik Tchalekian (CAROUSEL 21)

Staff/ August 26, 2020/ Poem


Dream of Flying

lush and raw, the night
descends on you
so quiet, hands raised
to catch any stray signals thrown down from space
trying to chart systems,
maps, divine movements

I remember the moment
when all the words left my head
poured out and were buried in mud
as I ran over the soaked earth,
was taken, joined the air and soared
the moment time cleaved us in half

a blackbird now,
I spend days flying and nights trying to reach you
over frozen lakes and towns
guided by your breath
underwater blood, the smell of salt

when you dream of flying
or wake and find bits of glass in your mouth
know I’ve visited and left notes, clues
so that you,
always at ease and moving perfectly,
might look and find me

Antranik Tchalekian is a writer and artist based in Toronto, Ontario. More:

Dream of Flying
appeared in CAROUSEL 21 (2007) — buy it here

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