From the Archive: Amber Albrecht (CAROUSEL 28)

Staff/ October 12, 2020/ Artist


Garlic & Sapphires in the Mud + Burrow

Garlic & Sapphires in the Mud, 2010
Burrow, 2010
Amber Albrecht grew up in a seaside town on the west coast of Canada. She received her BFA from Concordia University in 2005. She works primarily in the mediums of drawing and printmaking, creating imagery in the neo-romantic vein. Albrecht currently lives on a small island on the coast of British Columbia where she spends her time either looking after or drawing plants. She is the author of Idyll (Drawn and Quarterly). More: here

2 Drawings by Amber Albrecht
appeared in CAROUSEL 28 (2012) — buy it here

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