The Tintype Studio

Admin/ October 15, 2013/ Featured Artist

The Tintype Studio revisits a historical photographic tradition, creating a unique image on a metal surface. Conceptualized in the summer of 2010, four friends, while on a camping trip in Northern Ontario, decided they wanted to work together through the craft of the wet plate collodian process.


Oct 01 – Nov 02, 2013
@ Toronto Image Works  (80 Spadina Ave)

is a progression of the Tintype Studio’s series ‘Occupational Portraits’ of contemporary trades people. When photographing for the series, the Tintype Studio has always given appropriate attention to the tools and processes of its subjects. This selection of tintypes focuses on those details and brings to light a broader understanding of their work. Every cut, press, pass, strike, and stroke represents a wealth of experience amassed over countless repetitions of the hand, not unlike the tintype process itself. The viewer is reminded that there is a trace of that experience imbedded in everything we make. Though these observations may be made of most any profession, it is in such trade professions that they remain relevant, when we live in a time where the divide between producer and product has grown far too wide.


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