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Currently, in the CAROUSEL Superstore we have several wonderful books by author/artist gustave morin — available in limited quantities!

This Windsor, ON visual poet’s compelling work has appeared within the pages of CAROUSEL on numerous occasions (in issues 17, 18, 19, 20, 23 and 25, for those counting). Here’s an apt description of him, taken from the Ditch Poetry website: “a para-literary agent provocateur since his teens – published widely, if obscurely – (morin) has been working the associated fields of composition & performance, plying his various written works, graphic constructions & reluctant performances on the page, on the stage and in white cubes above ground and below since the late eighties.”

Rare Sheet Music (a two-colour silent symphony), A Penny Dreadful (a large volume of works that straddles the terrain of artist book, poetry and graphic novel) and A Psychowestern (a kind of paper film, released in conjunction with an experimental film festival) are 3 very different book projects, and each offers a unique set of challenges to both the eyes and mind — yet all allow the reader to witness the works of a major contemporary voice in the literary sub-idiom of concrete poetry. These books are beautifully printed, often utilizing strange colour choices that add to their lush physicality — we guarantee you’ll want to own copies of these paper gems. Highly recommended.

Note that further descriptions, prices and previews for each book are available by following the links below (our store prices already include shipping).

>>> For more info on Rare Sheet Music: go here
>>> For more info on A Penny Dreadful: go here
>>> For more info on A Psychowestern: go here

>>> To order all 3 books together, bundled at one super-low price: go here

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