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EN MASSE, a collaborative drawing project based in Montreal, is featured in CAROUSEL 26!

“In Black and White, and Not So Many Words”, an 1100 word feature written by Toronto writer Jason Paradiso, gives you the full picture on this interesting art project, and features a range of accompanying illustrations.

Here are the first 2 paragraphs of the text:

“The first time it happened, they met in a sterilized gallery, a room wallpapered white. The walls, from baseboard to rafter, had become a single, silent canvas. Time had seemingly paused, briefly, in that moment before a thought inspires, and everything was still. When the doors quietly opened to the public on February 01, 2009, the gallery was empty and clean.

Over the next four weeks, twenty-eight artists gathered at the Galerie Pangée to collaborate on a large-scale, black and white mural: EN MASSE. Together they began an artistic conversation, an open dialogue spoken in a variety of creative dialects. The EN MASSE collective had been purposefully drawn together from a diverse pool of practices. The assembly of artists featured accepted mark makers, alternative comic illustrators and side-alley graffiti writers. On a rotating, three day schedule, the stark, paper-covered walls became a communal sketchbook. Imaginations overflowed, spilling into each other. Illustrated discussions webbed across the 1,500 square foot canvas like cracks in a shattered windshield. Thoughts and concepts spread a little further every day, and slowly twenty-eight stories became one …”

>>> Read the rest of the article — buy CAROUSEL 26 here

>>> Find out more about EN MASSE here

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