From the Archive: Kathryn Mockler (CAROUSEL 23)

Staff/ September 8, 2020/ Poem



It’s not a good idea to be
in the same room
as someone
who is just
about to murder you.

I wonder
what it feels like
to be murdered.
I’m sure
it hurts your feelings,
and then I’m sure you feel
really mad
but aren’t able to express
your anger
in a productive way.

Some murderers
are nicer than other
Some murderers let you eat
your favourite food
before you get murdered — like popcorn
or roast beef.
Or if you’re a vegetarian,
they let you eat
an apple or a banana
or toast.

When someone is just about
to murder you
they get a funny look
in their eyes.
It’s a look
of hunger and rage
and happiness.

It’s the same look
you get
when you unexpectedly
bring someone

Kathryn Mockler is the author of four books of poetry and several short films and experimental videos. She is the Publisher of the Watch Your Head anthology and was the Canada Editor for Joyland Magazine from 2013-20 and the Publisher of The Rusty Toque from 2011-17. Her forthcoming books include a poetry chapbook Me Then You Then Me Then written in collaboration with Gary Barwin from Knife|Fork|Book and Watch Your Head: Writers and Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis from Coach House Books, both due in fall 2020. More at:

appeared in CAROUSEL 23 (2008) — buy it here

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