From the Archive: Tin Can Forest (CAROUSEL 26)

Staff/ September 28, 2020/ Artist


3 Drawings

The Dance I, 2008
Cat, Reindeer and Witch, 2008
The Dance II, 2008

Tin Can Forest is Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek, Canadian artists and publishers who work collaboratively under the name Tin Can Forest and Tin Can Forest Press. Their work has been screened and exhibited at festivals and galleries internationally, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Edinburgh Art Festival, The Tokyo International Film Festival, The San Francisco International Film Festival, and The Kyoto Manga Museum. Their work has received nominations for a Daytime Emmy (for Artopia), Doug Wright Awards for Baba Yaga and the Wolf and Wax Cross (both from Koyama Press), and We Are Going to Bremen to be Musicians,  and has won a Joe Shuster Award for Baba Yaga and the Wolf. Tin Can Forest has appeared in print in publications such as The New Yorker, Le Monde Diplomatique, kuš!, AARGH!, The Lifted Brow and Oaken Throne. More:

3 Drawings by Tin Can Forest
appeared in CAROUSEL 26 (2010) — buy it here

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