Hey Witch

Staff/ December 7, 2022/ Artist

In lieu of our regular weekly USEREVIEW posts, we at CAROUSEL will be using each Wednesday in December to highlight just a few of the many exciting artistic projects that former contributors have been at work on outside of the pages of our magazine. Up first: Hey Witch! Pottery & Art by Jessica Bromley Bartram.

CAROUSEL contributor Jessica Bromley Bartram is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. We’ve featured her work a couple of times over the years, including her illustrated experimental review of Karen McBride’s Crow Winter and her work of graphic short fiction, ‘Skyscrapers (back in CAROUSEL 39), that later appeared in her impressive debut full-length collection of illustrated short stories, Ghost Water Kiss (2019, Popnoir Editions).

But for the last little while, this dedicated storyteller has also been working in quite a different medium: ceramics. Bartram’s hand-crafted Strange Beasts certainly live up to their name. There are witches that take the shape of birds, friends in the form of moths, and whole herds of weird ungulates, wee sphinxes and cranky manticores. Lovingly fashioned in small batches, Bartram’s pottery sells out quickly.

If you want to snag a piece for yourself, keep an eye on her shop, Hey Witch, where more will be available in the new year.

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