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Kemeny Babineau’s new book, After the 6ix O’Clock News, released through BookThug.

Mt. Pleasant, ON poet Kemeny Babineau (whose work has been featured in CAROUSEL #7 (in 1991) and #12 (in 1998))  has a new publication out now!

After the 6ix O’Clock News is poetry for inside and out of the eyeball. It is not a declaration of wart or a treaty of verse eyes, it is bigger than that. This is poetry that has to be heard to be seen: to be taken out to be turned in. Babineau’s breaking open of the seedpod of genre has resulted in poems strewn about town, yard, and beyond. What grows is an insurgent response to the hiss of is through the conductivity of the eclectic” — Malcolm Randall

Babineau is a poet, fiction-writer, reviewer and occasional essayist. His recent work includes The Incomplete Tree Guide chapbook.

>>> For more information about Kemeny Babineau and his new book, visit:

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