TO♥JP Fundraiser opens April 1st

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Hello readers — here’s a Toronto event worth supporting!

Narwhal Art Projects and are excited to host Toronto Hearts Japan, a fundraiser and exhibit. All proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross and to helping rebuild the Birdo Flugas Artist Centre and Community in Shiogama.

The Toronto Hearts Japan Exhibition and Silent Auction runs for 5 days from Thursday March 31 to Tuesday April 5th at the Gladstone Hotel, 2nd floor. It features an incredible range of artwork from across the entire Toronto Art Community. The auction is open from 12-5pm daily and attendance is free. Please come and support!

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Sonja Ahlers, Paul Aloisi, Nicholas Aoki, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Andrew Remington Bailey, Ashley Barron, Marc Bell, Diego Bergia, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Shary Boyle, Mat Brown, Robin Cameron, Tyler Clark-Burke, Trudie Cheng, Coe and Waito, Mark Connery, Robert Dayton, Taku Dazai, Brett Despotovich, Yuri Didrichsons, Nicholas DiGenova, Brian Donnelly, Dave Dyment, Shayne Ehman, Matthew Feyld, Melissa Fisher, Brendan Flanagan, Theo Gallaro, James Gardner, Shannon Gerard, Dana Gils, Heather Goodchild, Adrian Hayles, Heydon Park Artists, Sachi Hirano, Derrick Hodgson, Jay Isaac, Melinda Josie, Nathan Jurevicius, Adrienne Kammerer, Kozyndan, Nobuo Kubota, Chris Kuzma, Patrick Kyle, Christy Langer, Aaron Leighton, Tessar Lo, Amy Lockhart, Jamiyla Lowe, Derek Mainella, Chris Martin, Megan McKenzie, Jason Mclean, Alex McLeod, Julie Moon, Jennifer Murphy, Alicia Nauta, Michiko Nakamura, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Noel Middleton, Luke Painter, Roula Parthenou, Sandy Plotnikoff, Brad Phillips, Katherine Piro, Andrew Pommier, Lauchie Reid, Tony Romano, Kathryn Ruppert-Dazai, Tania Sanhueza, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, Seth Scriver, Emiko Sekiguchi, German Shible, Lisa Smolkin, Jordan Sonenberg, Jennie Suddick, Derek Sullivan, Team Macho, Jon Todd, Michael Toke, Celeste TooGood, Karen Tracanelli, Howie Tsui, Brett Tyler, Lara Vincent, Andrew Waite, Meichen Waxer, Jacob Whibley, Billy Bert Young, Hyun-Chung Yu and Balint Zsako.

>>> There are also two parties associated with the exhibition:

Fri Apr 01 > 7-10pm
$20 admission (includes raffle ticket)
*Special one night only auction and raffle with art gifts and surprises*
With DJ Paul E. Lopes (Bump N’ Hustle) & DJ Jun (,

Tue Apr 05 > 5-8pm
Winners of our silent art auction will be announced at 7pm. Art pickup from 7-8pm.

>>> More info and art preview at:

>>> RSVP to the Facebook event here

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