USEREVIEW 008: Reverse Juggling

Erica McKeen/ November 7, 2020/ Book Review, Experimental Review

In six stanzas as flat-topped and flavour-concentrated as the fruit from which Lily Wang’s Saturn Peach (Gordon Hill Press, 2020) takes its name, Erica McKeen juggles, tosses and pries open flesh to get to the stone heart of the book.

ISBN 978-1774220115 | 86 pp | $20 CAD


“Droplet on a / green stalk—going up?”

A line from Lily Wang’s poem, “Green.” A line from her book from Gordon Hill Press, Saturn Peach. This review is the ambiguity of that question mark — “going up?” This review is a collection of peaches frozen in the mid-motion of juggling (Wang’s hands poised dexterously beneath). This review can be read up or down, depending on whether you want to be tossed or cradled. Wang’s book allows both.

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Erica McKeen is a writer, organizer and teacher. She is a Poetry London board member, assistant editor at The /temz/ Review and co-organizer of LOMP: reading series. Her novel, provisionally entitled Tear, was longlisted for The Guernica Prize and is now forthcoming with Invisible Publishing. She currently lives on Musqueam land in Vancouver, BC.

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