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Do you know the work of Brian Kokoska?

Brian Kokoska is a NYC-based Canadian artist who works primarily with oils on canvas to create large scale figural compositions. A full 12 page spread of his works as well as an interview (conducted by Rachel Anne Farquharson) are featured in CAROUSEL 28.

Kokoska is very intentional with his brushstrokes and patterning and how they affect his whole composition. He works these elements in a way that is visually pleasurable, yet also sometimes offensive to the viewer’s sensibility (in a good way). He often explores sexuality, fantasy and ritual through playing with the distortion of bodily forms, the grotesque and sometimes blurring the line between human and animal.

His self-published book, Chiclet Teeth (limited to an edition of 150) features 32 pages of abstract, digital, hypercolor mutations based upon his illusory, character-driven paintings; it can be purchased on his website.

>>> To purchase CAROUSEL 28:  go here
>>> For more info on Brian Kokoska:  go here

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