USEREVIEW 003: Creation, Derivation, Exchange

Mark Laliberte/ September 5, 2020/ Book Review, Experimental Review

Though he has crafted what feels like a slick trailer, Mark Laliberte‘s animated experimental review of Dani Spinosa‘s OO: Typewriter Poems (Invisible Publishing, 2020) ultimately performs not only its prescribed analytic function, but also a meta-discursive one, bringing to the fore questions about what it even means to review a book. Laliberte’s review is thus a fitting response to Spinosa’s text, which challenges its readers to reconsider the limits of its own chosen genre of typewriter poetry.

ISBN 978-1-988784-47-2 | 88pp | $21.95


Mark Laliberte is an artist-writer-designer with an MFA from University of Guelph. He has exhibited extensively in galleries across Canada and internationally, curates the online experimental comics site, publishes graphic novels through his press Popnoir Editions and edits the hybrid art/lit mag CAROUSEL. Laliberte has had pageworks, poems and other print experiments appear in publications big and small, including Ink Brick, POETRY, prairie fire, subTerrain and Vallum. Publications include BRICKBRICKBRICK (Book*Hug, 2010) and asemanticasymmetry (Anstruther Press, 2016). Laliberte is a member of the collaborative writing entity, MA|DE. More info: Insta @OriginObscure + +

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