VICTOR ROMAO’s Through the Clearing We Could See Them

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Victor Romão is a multi-disciplinary artist from Windsor, ON, whose work appeared in both CAROUSEL  23 and 26. His mediums range from ink drawing to performance, but he works primarily with illustration, woodcut prints and figurative sculpture. Through his work, Romão offers an all too rare voice on rural identity, malehood, otherness and violence. His monochromatic drawings depict anonymous masked men and half-male/half-beast figures partaking in bizarre schemes. He explores otherness and the fear it incites by drawing mystery and suggestions of violence into otherwise normal scenarios.

Romão’s Toronto exhibit, Through the Clearing We Could See Them, is running from April 04-28, 2012 at Gallery 129 (129 Ossington Ave). Opening reception will be held this Thu Apr 12 from 7-10pm. Be there!

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